Mommy Can Sew

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Hi everyone. My name is Julia. I am a wife to a very encouraging husband and a mom to a crazy little girl who also happens to be my inspiration. I have a Master's Degree in Architecture, so I am an Architect by day... and a knitter, crafter, seamstress, lover-of-all-things-creative by night.


I was born in Argentina and moved to Canada after graduating from University and meeting a Canadian guy who is now my husband.

I've always loved crafting. I come from a family of sewers. My grandpa was a taylor, my mom and aunts have always made the clothes for them and their children. So it was only natural that I would follow on their footsteps.

When I got pregnant I started knitting clothes and blankets in anticipation for the new arrival. And once she was born I dipped my toes into the wonderful world of sewing, making toys and blankets that she could play (and nap) with. Soon enough I found myself making her dresses, shoes, bibs, more toys, and finally, carriers.

And suddenly something amazing happened. Other moms started asking me if I could make things for them and their little ones. Strangers were encouraging me to create beautiful things!

So I opened this shop where I can share the products that I make, and perhaps entice you to own one of them. ;)