A week in the life - Too many towels, not enough sleep


"A week in the life" is a blog series where I share a little recap of what I worked on throughout the week. You get to take a peek inside my studio, see what's new in my shop, from new colour combinations to entirely new products, and I link to all of them so you can easily find them before they're gone!


You know when you think you can handle things and then life just walks all over you? Yeah. That was this week for me. I had so much work to get done, a long list of orders to be packed and shipped, things to be delivered... I felt like I was blindsided by it all (not complaining, keep them coming!!... though I should really work on tightening my production schedule).



Sunday night I pulled an all-night sewing marathon. You know how long it's been since I've done that? Probably since my university years when I was going full weeks without sleep, drafting like it was my job (it kind of was my job). Ahhh architecture school, those were the days (and nights!).



Come to think of it, having a newborn sort of felt that way, too... but that was like forever ago. I didn't think I had it in me anymore, but many cups of tea later, I made it through 'till morning. And it wasn't all that bad to be honest (not that I plan on repeating that any time soon), but there's something to be said about the silence and peace that fill the wee hours of the night. 



I often get asked "how do you manage to do it all?", and the truth is I DON'T. There is so much more I'd want to do, so much that's left undone. But mostly it's finding the perfect mix of passion, hard work, sacrifice, a never ending supply of podcasts, and an unhealthy amount of mom guilty (or was that the perfect recipe for long term disaster? I can't remember anymore).



Even though it seemed like the week was never going to end, it felt good to be so productive and on the ball. And seeing hooded towels in every possible colour combination lining the walls of my studio felt strangely satisfying. But definitely not as satisfying as sleeping 11 hours straight when I was done.


Find Bright Pink Towel


So if you're thinking your kids need some new towels for their swimming lessons, I challenge you to think of a colour combination that is not already listed in my Etsy shop. But give me a few days... I'm all towelled out. 


Add a Full Name to your Hooded Towel.


Later Gator,

Julia (with an H)